Jorge Ovalle

Jorge is an architect with an artist’s vision. He is not afraid of exploring new ideas or concepts. He envisions architecture as the most humanistic of all the art expressions where the architect becomes a philosopher, an artist, a builder and an interpreter of human needs. He conceives buildings not only as beautiful shapes but as the relation where mass and space interact in synchronicity to generate beautiful livable spaces. His origins as an architect in metropolitan areas have turned Jorge into a designer very conscious with the context and the surroundings. His projects are conceived in different scales, his approach to design begins with an exhaustive evaluation of the project and its relation with the City, the sector, the neighborhood and the immediate environment. He is also very technically knowledgeable, continuously researching new construction systems and materials to implement in his projects.

Sonia Rairan

Sonia is a very talented architect who understands architecture as a perfect integration between beauty, functionality and technology. In her projects these three components are always present in conjunction with a responsible approach to the project’s budget. Her excellent organizational skills have allowed her to design and develop numerous projects with emphasis in multi family, single family homes and office buildings. She is really passionate about architecture and develops her projects to the detail. In her daily work she dedicates all her efforts to develop beautiful designs followed by excellent sets of construction documents and a strict supervision during the construction process to assure the highest quality of her buildings, also establishing the basis of a great relation Owner-Architect-Contractor. Her experience in the architectural field allows her to create highly efficient buildings always using the most appropriate construction systems.