Taichung Tower

Project submitted for the design competition in Taichung – Taiwan.

Since its origins, the wonders of Taiwan (Portugueses called it Ilha Formosa – Beautiful Island) have exposed it to multiple invasions and occupations. Still, the endurance, strength and resilience of its people have allowed this Country to become an economic miracle, positioning Taiwan as a Democratic Republic that respects its culture and values its history.
The true spirit of Taiwan lies in its capacity to prevail in harsh times and to overcome adversity. The essence of the Bamboo forest is the symbol of such capacity. Bamboo’s flexibility and adaptability allows it to survive under difficult circumstances. Present in everyday life for millennia, it possesses the perfect balance of grace and strength (the Ying and Yang) and reflects the equilibrium between nature and humanity. Its hollow stalks represent a life of humility and simplicity corresponding to the lives of the Taiwanese. It also represents the nation’s respect for the elderly and their traditions. Bamboo grows by catching and converting solar energy and transforms more CO2 into oxigen than any other plant, which is why it is called the new green energy. it’s ability to cope with adversity without losing its ground is the inspiration for a nation that has endured through different periods of time.
Bamboo represents the wisdom, virtues and beliefs of traditional Taiwan and the futuristic idea of a nation that promotes the development of a sustainable world.

Our project is inspired by the Spirit of Taiwan as a symbol of prosperity and endurance. Composed of eight stalks symbolizing good luck, Taiwan Tower represents the abstraction of a forest  which creates a urban portal that will become the Gateway to Taiwan.